Jack Chatfield

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It is an honor to support my good friend, Jack Chatfield

October 4, 2018

It is an honor to support my good friend, Jack Chatfield, a candidate for New Mexico House District 67. Jack is a lifelong New Mexican, raised on a family ranch in Southern New Mexico. He has proven to be an honest, dedicated, and hardworking conservative, serving his community with integrity.

Jack has continuously advocated for rural communities, education, property rights, and agriculture, for over fifteen years, at the New Mexico State Legislature. Additionally, he has served as a project manager for the Canadian River Riparian Restoration Project, a board member for Mosquero Municipal Schools, and Vice President at Large for the New Mexico Cattle Growers’.

Lastly, Jack has continued to be a dedicated family man; along with his wife, Jill, they have raised five children and have been blessed with twenty-five years of marriage.

Jack’s extensive experience in conservation, education, business, and the legislative process, will make him an excellent public servant to House District 67.




Lieutenant Governor

I am supporting Jack Chatfield for our State Representative

April 6, 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am supporting Jack Chatfield for our State Representative and I am writing this to tell you why and ask you to support and help elect him.

Jack is an exceptional individual and is totally committed to serving his friends, neighbors, state and community. He has given his time, energy, talent and resources to serve our rural communities, agriculture and natural resource conservation work. He has freely given his time to attend hundreds of meetings and  the New Mexico Legislature as a citizen volunteer and representing the Canadian River Restoration Project. Jack has built an outstanding reputation statewide and regionally and relationships that serve us all because he is working to serve all of us and our communities. Those relationships and the respect he has earned will make him an outstanding State Representative and successful in representing his district and all of us in agriculture. Most simply stated, we need Jack.

To me Jack and his family are exactly what we all hope for in our elected representatives. Jack and his wife, Jill, work constantly to make their community and their ranch better. They have given freely in every way to help protect and preserve ranching and its important heritage. They own and operate their own family ranch, they own and operate their own catering and restaurant business which gives Jack the knowledge of and experience in the challenges and needs of the business community in addition to ranching. Jack served on the local School Board and helped in the revival of the Mosquero community. Jack’s work and service don’t stop just in his own community, county and personal businesses. His work on the Canadian River Restoration Project has led to major beneficial conservation results across an entire watershed.

I have never had more confidence in anyone seeking to represent us. We can help ourselves by helping elect Jack Chatfield to the House of Representatives in the New Mexico Legislature. I ask that you help in his campaign in whatever ways you can; donation of time or money are important but talking to your friends, family, neighbors and those we do business with is something we can all do to help him help us. We need Jack, please do what you can to help elect him.


Bill Humphries

Letter of Recommendation Clinton D. Harden

Dear Jack,

I noticed an announcement in The Eastern New Mexico News that you will seek the house seat currently held by Representative Dennis Roch.

Jack, you have my total, complete, 110% support. We have worked together in this district for over 15 years. I know you to be honest, hard working and dedicated to public service. Your published biography attests to that fact.

I know Jack Chatfield to be a person that will fight for our rural culture. As a former New Mexico State Senator who represented the counties which make up House District 67,

I know that Jack Chatfield has developed the skills needed to network with other state leaders and establish sound public policy critical to House District 67 and the state of New Mexico.

Please feel free to use all or parts of this letter in your Campaign.

Clinton D. Harden

Former Senator District 7